I have not received my files? 

After checkout you should receive an automated email with a download link with your DIY files. If you have not received it, or if you had a problem, please simply email me at gravesfabricationllc@gmail.com with your order number and I will fulfill your order within 1 day. 

I dont see any products available for my truck yet?

Head over to my new page on the site called Model Release Dates for updates on my design schedule! It is in the drop down menu if your on a phone. 

What D-Rings can I use with the file kit bumpers? 

- You can order the D-Rings in the link provided with your bumper file kit, or make your own out of 1 inch thick steel. The DXF file for the D-Ring is provided on the File Kit page of the website if you would like to cut it yourself out of 1 inch thick plate. 

What file format are the bumper files?

- DXF Files

 How do I download and open the files?

- After purchase a download link will be sent to your email. You can not download and open these files from an iphone. They need to be opened on a desktop or laptop using a 3D Drafting program. They come in a zip file so you have to right click and then extract the files. 

What do metal shops usually charge to CNC cut a bumper?

- Most shops charge $500-$700 on average for labor and materials to cut out a bumper. 

Do I need a press brake?

- No all the parts come in flats so you will not need a brake. 

Where do I get the fog lights? 

The cube fog light pockets are designed for the single post 3x3 inch cube light. Based on a Rigid Dually cube light. They are sold all over Ebay and Amazon in varying prices. 

What Light Bar do I use?

The light bar opening is set up for a 30 or 40 inch dual row or single row bar. The light bar's seem to all use similar mounting. This is a diagram of the dimensions of the light bars I use. Amazon and Ebay have endless selections of light bars. It will be up to you to ensure the light bar you select fits the bumper before you install your bumper. You may need to drill your own mounting holes etc...

Do you include assembly instructions?

-Yes I have made instructions in video format that are uploaded to Youtube. They are provided with the bumper files/ kit.

How much steel do I need?

-All the front bumpers are designed to be completely cut out of 3/16 thick A36 HRPO Steel plate. You will want to order a 4x8 sheet of steel plate for one front bumper. Some of the rear bumpers require a 2x2 square of 1/4 inch plate as well for the mounts. This will be specified in the product description.