In early March I got a call from a TN zip code. I picked up thinking nothing of it. A guy with a heavy southern drawl asked for me on the other line and we started talking. Turns out this wasn't any ordinary call. This guy had huge ideas for his IH CV truck and he wasn't afraid to think and go big. He was giddy with excitement to begin the build. Well sure enough he drove the truck all the way from Chicago about 2 weeks later and dropped it off with me and the project started rolling. This bumper will have a roll over grill guard, winch mount, and not to mention it will be made from 304 stainless steel. 

3/8 thick mounting plates will ensure the bumper holds even under 25,000 pounds of pull on the tow points. 

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  • Yes that was a great story about your phone call the gentleman and hopefully this will be another one but by email I have been looking for a fabricator to discuss a custom built bumper with special features special reason and special purpose so there was any way we could connect with the phone call at your convenient time that would be super this is something that I came up with and I have a full Utility patent on this special bumper look forward to hearing back from you my contact number 713-628-3661 and my name is Raven Rodriguez thank you hope to hear back

    Raven Rodriguez

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